CEO, Jason Arntz

I was always an athlete, competing in all types of sports; gymnastics, wrestling and football (to name a few). But at the age of 15 I was introduced to bodybuilding, and knew right away that I wanted to take part in this sport and be a professional bodybuilder. It all began in that moment the desire to learn everything I can about diet, nutrition, training, supplementation and recovery. Learning the breakdowns of nutrients, how they work in your body, and most of all how to manipulate them into working for sports performance was my true passion.


Assess. Adapt. Accomplish.

After years of seeing products that do not create any type of effect, that are copy cats and serve no purpose I took the initiative and started my own supplement company, I-Prevail Supplements™. As technology continues to advance and sports supplements continue to grow in different directions it allows me to perfect my formulas for modern times. Now, I am able to put together formulas to help any athlete in performing better, recovering quicker and feeling healthier. Every product I have designed has a purpose and a signature to it that makes it unique from anything else on the market.